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Top 22 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

1/Sep/2021 | 15 minutes to read


Here is a List of essential Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these Automation Anywhere questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest Automation Anywhere questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

These interview questions are targeted for Automation Anywhere Tool that is used to perform Business Process Automation. You must know the answers of these frequently asked Automation Anywhere interview questions to clear the interview.

1. Describe the RPA 'Automation Anywhere' tool.

Automation Anywhere is a popular RPA vendor that provides the user friendly and powerful capabilities to perform the automation of business process tasks which are done by humans now. AA allows us to write or build scripts instead of writing the code to perform the automation of repetitive tasks. Automation Anywhere is a web based tool that can automate any type of process from basic window application to complex networking problems.

2. What are the benefits of Automation Anywhere?

Automation anywhere comes with a lot of benefits as below.

  • Task Editor AA provides drag and drop capability to create tasks with 380+ actions like keyboard actions, mouse actions, windows actions etc.
  • Report Designer AA provides the capability to generate reports of tasks execution.
  • Workflow designer AA provides the ability of creating graphical representation of business processes.
  • Cloud Support AA comes with a lot of flexibility and scalability as AA software can be developed and deployed on-premises and cloud like Azure, AWS.
  • AA comes with Image Recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Provides the capability of Screen Scraping or Web data extraction
  • Automation anywhere provides the capability of centralized backup, security and disaster recovery.
  • Automation anywhere can create the bots without writing any programs just based on recorders it provides.
  • AA comes with WLM (Workload Management) that prioritizes the tasks as per business requirement.

3. What is the Control Room in Automation Anywhere?

The Control Room is the core part of AA architecture. It's responsible for the management of scripts, clients, credentials, security, roles etc and It handles the entire execution flow of the process. So it's a type of controller in AA.

4. What are the different Recorders available in Automation Anywhere?

In Automation Anywhere, users can record the tasks, run and test. It is always faster to create the bots from recordings as compared to creating manually. Automation Anywhere comes with 3 types of recordings.

  • Smart Recorder - It performs Object cloning as it captures entire flow or activity.
  • Screen Recorder or Standard Recorder - It records the actions like mouse move, keyboard actions etc and captures both window and web screen.
  • Web Recorder performs the recording and performs the automation as well of web related activities without any coding.

5. What is Image Recognition and OCR in Automation Anywhere?

Automation anywhere provides the concept of Image Recognition as It has capability to read and compare the images. Image recognition command can understand the image from any part of the document.
AA also provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) ability that makes Image recognition more sophisticated. With the help of OCR, texts and Images can be converted into characters.

6. How many types of bots are available in Automation Anywhere?

Automation anywhere comes with 3 types of bots.

  • Task Bot - These bots are used for rule based repetitive tasks automation that relies on structured data.
  • Meta Bot - These facilitate scalability with next generation integrations and best for complex scalable business processes.
  • IQ Bot - use some AI techniques, which relies on continuous learning and improving automation. It's best for managing unstructured data and fuzzy rules.

7. What is ALM (Automation Life cycle Management) in Automation Anywhere?

Automation anywhere comes with the benefit of ALM (Automation Life-cycle Management). It increases the bot's capability to progress with all the stages of the software life-cycle defined by the organization. ALM includes software development's best practices for successfully repeating the process and providing the functionality of version control, lock/unlock and rollback etc.

8. What is BotFarm in Automation Anywhere?

BotFarm is a usage based Platform for RPA bot. BotFarm has the capability to deploy the bots anywhere, anytime with just one click so that it can scale the Digital Workforce capacity. It allows companies to buy RPA software based on usage rather than license basis. It can create and deploy thousands of bots any time without compromising the scalability, elasticity and resilience.

9. Describe the Automation Anywhere Architecture.

Automation anywhere is the most popular vendor that offers very good RPA capabilities to automate repetitive business tasks. There are 3 core components in Automation anywhere's architecture.

  • Bot Creator - Bots are required to automate the desktop applications, so these bots are created using Bot Creator.
  • Control Room - It works as a controller and manages the entire execution flow including scripts, credentials, security, roles etc.
  • Bot Runner - Bot Runner is responsible for running the bot and reports the status back to the controller.

10. What is Bot Insights and Bot Store in Automation Anywhere?

Bot Insights is a Platform that will provide the performance information of bots with the graphs. It also provides the time saving details in the automation process. Bot Insights is the first analytics tool developed for bots.
Bot Store is the marketplace where bots dedicated to business automations can be plug and play. It provides the capability to discover, deploy and move the bots including application bots, cognitive bots and process bots in the fraction of seconds.

11. What is PGP command in Automation Anywhere?

The PGP command provides the capability to automate the process of encryption and decryption. It performs both types of encryption symmetric and asymmetric. It requires a pass phrase to perform encrypt and decrypt.

12. Explain Trigger in Automation Anywhere.

Triggers are used to run some tasks automatically when any event occurs on the system. Automation anywhere supports the following type of triggers.

  • Window - When an Application window opens or closes, window trigger launches an automated task.
  • File - When any file is created, modified, removed then File trigger launches an automated action.
  • Folder - When any operation is performed on a folder, then the folder trigger launches a task.
  • Performance - When the CPU reaches a limit that you specify, Free disk space is reached to a limit.
  • Process - When a Process starts or stops running, then Process trigger launches an automated task.
  • Service - When a service starts, stops, pauses, resumes then Service trigger executes the task.
  • Email Message - When any new email is received in Account.

13. Explain the difference between Object cloning, manage web control and manage window control.

14. What are the best practices for logging?

15. How will you implement error handling in Automation anywhere?

Error handling is important when any error occurs in the system. Bots run over unattended systems where no one is there to click buttons for further processing in case of any error. Automation Anywhere provides Begin/End error handling statements to handle the errors as below.

  • Take Snapshot - It takes the snapshot and saves at the time of error that helps to determine the root cause of error.
  • Run Task - This Task is responsible to start a new task in case of any error and can do some functions like cleaning of temporary files.
  • Log Data into File - This task writes all logs into a log file with all information like error line number, error description etc.
  • Send Email - responsible to send an email with snapshot and variable values to troubleshoot the error.
  • Variable Assignment - sets the variable values.
  • Set Task Status - It reports fail or pass conditions to the enterprise control room on error. Pass condition is useful when you expect an error condition but you want to continue after ignoring the error.
  • For more you can visit here Error handling in AA

16. How to add third-party library references in Metabot?

17. What types of Web scraping / Extraction is available in AA?

17. How to create a DLL(dynamic link library)?

For Automation Anywhere Tutorials you can visit the Official Site Automation Anywhere Tutorials .

Some General Interview Questions for Automation Anywhere

1. How much will you rate yourself in Automation Anywhere?

When you attend an interview, Interviewer may ask you to rate yourself in a specific Technology like Automation Anywhere, So It's depend on your knowledge and work experience in Automation Anywhere.

2. What challenges did you face while working on Automation Anywhere?

This question may be specific to your technology and completely depends on your past work experience. So you need to just explain the challenges you faced related to Automation Anywhere in your Project.

3. What was your role in the last Project related to Automation Anywhere?

It's based on your role and responsibilities assigned to you and what functionality you implemented using Automation Anywhere in your project. This question is generally asked in every interview.

4. How much experience do you have in Automation Anywhere?

Here you can tell about your overall work experience on Automation Anywhere.

5. Have you done any Automation Anywhere Certification or Training?

It depends on the candidate whether you have done any Automation Anywhere training or certification. Certifications or training are not essential but good to have.


We have covered some frequently asked Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers to help you for your Interview. All these Essential Automation Anywhere Interview Questions are targeted for mid level of experienced Professionals and freshers.
While attending any Automation Anywhere Interview if you face any difficulty to answer any question please write to us at Our IT Expert team will find the best answer and will update on the portal. In case we find any new Automation Anywhere questions, we will update the same here.