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Top 30 Postman Interview Questions and Answers

01/Dec/2021 | 5 minutes to read


Here is a List of essential Postman Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these Postman questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest Postman questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

Postman Interview Questions and Answers

These interview questions are targeted for Postman. You must know the answers of these frequently asked Postman interview questions to clear the interview. Postman is a very popular tool used by Developers, Automation Engineers and Testers very often. It's not technology or Programming language dependent.

1. What is Postman?

Postman is a platform that makes API development easy. It provides different tools to create, share, test and document APIs. It offers streamline collaboration to create better APIs faster. It allows developers to create and save HTTP requests. For more visit Postman and you can download the postman from this link - Postman download.

2. What is a workspace in Postman?

Postman Workspace is a collaboration environment where team members can share the APIs projects. A Workspace allows you to share collections, environments, APIs and other components of your work within a team. When you launch postman you are in the default workspace but you can create more workspaces as required. For more refer Postman Workspace.

3. How to use different environments in Postman?

Postman provides the ability to use different environments for API development and testing with the help of variables. A typical use of environment could be as:
  • You are testing your API against two environments: Dev and QA.
  • You have one variable consisting of a base URL in both environments.
  • Each request in the collection points to this base URL field.
  • Now, you can toggle the environments from environment drop-down to test API against both Dev and QA environments.
For more visit Manage Environments

4. What is a Scratch Pad in Postman?

Scratch Pad provides the ability to work in offline mode means you can work while not connected to postman servers. When you are not connected to the Network, you can still use some postman features such as creating collections, requests and send requests. This all work is stored locally and once you are logged in, you can move your work to workspace. For more visit Scratch Pad.

5. Explain collections in Postman.

Postman Collections are a group of requests that you can save and organize into folders. Every request in Postman is logged into the history tab of the sidebar. When you want to re-use the request, you can find it from the history tab. On a small scale it's convenient but as postman usage scales then it becomes difficult to find the requests.
Postman Collections provide easier access to grouped requests. For more visit Postman Collections.

6. Can we import and export a collection in the Postman?

Yes, You can import any collection by clicking on the import button and selecting the appropriate file. It will make your collection ready with all the requests. Postman provides the capability to export a collection and version it with your existing code base.

7. How to authorize requests in Postman?

You can authorize the requests from the Authorization Tab. When you open a request in postman then you can see the authorization tab, select the type of authentication and provide the required details to make a call to the authentication server.
You can also authorize at collection level and use the authentication token in all requests under that collection. For more visit Authorizing requests in Postman.

8. Explain variables in Postman.

Postman also provides the concept of variables similar to other programming languages. You can define the variables at different levels or scopes in postman as below.

  • Global - available throughout the workspace and accessible in collections, requests, environments and test scripts.
  • Collection - available for all the requests inside a collection.
  • Environment - available for one environment only in which they are defined.
  • Data - available while running the collection using Runner or Newman. These variables load from external sources like CSV , JSON files.
  • Local - available to single request or collection run.

9. What is a collection runner?

A Collection Runner allows you to run a set of API requests in well defined sequence. Collection Scripts pass the data between the requests and Collection runner logs the request test result. You can automate your API Testing with the help of Collection runs and these runs can be scheduled using Monitors. Postman's CLI Newman allows you to integrate these collection runs to your CI/CD Pipeline.
For more about Collection Runner visit Collection Runs.

10. What is API builder?

11. What is the Visualizer in Postman?

12. How to capture request data?

13. What are the roles in Postman?

14. What are mock servers in Postman?

15. How to monitor performance of an API in Postman?

16. What is a token scanner in Postman?

17. What is the use of templates?

Some General Interview Questions for Postman

1. How much will you rate yourself in Postman?

When you attend an interview, Interviewer may ask you to rate yourself in a specific Technology like Postman, So It's depend on your knowledge and work experience in Postman.

2. What challenges did you face while working on Postman?

This question may be specific to your technology and completely depends on your past work experience. So you need to just explain the challenges you faced related to Postman in your Project.

3. What was your role in the last Project related to Postman?

It's based on your role and responsibilities assigned to you and what functionality you implemented using Postman in your project. This question is generally asked in every interview.

4. How much experience do you have in Postman?

Here you can tell about your overall work experience on Postman.

5. Have you done any Postman Certification or Training?

It depends on the candidate whether you have done any Postman training or certification. Certifications or training are not essential but good to have.


We have covered some frequently asked Postman Interview Questions and Answers to help you for your Interview. All these Essential Postman Interview Questions are targeted for mid level of experienced Professionals and freshers.
While attending any Postman Interview if you face any difficulty to answer any question please write to us at Our IT Expert team will find the best answer and will update on the portal. In case we find any new Postman questions, we will update the same here.