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Top 23 Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

04/Jan/2021 | 10 minutes to read

Here is a List of essential Microservices Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these Microservices questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

Microservices Interview Questions

Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

These questions are targeted for MicroServices Architecture. You must know the answers of these frequently asked MicroServices questions to clear the interview.

1. What is MicroServices? Explain MicroServices Architecture?

MicroService is:

  • A system of applications that collaborate.
  • Autonomous services.
  • Partitioned on business domain not technology.
  • Technology agnostic synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  • Fore more refer Microservices

2. What are the Characteristics of a MicroService Architecture?

MicroService Architecture is different from monolithic design and follow some principles as below.

  • Componentization via Services
  • Organized around Business Capabilities
  • Products not Projects
  • Smart endpoints and dumb pipes
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Decentralized Data Management
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Design for failure
  • Evolutionary Design
  • For more about these characteristics visit Characteristics of a Microservice Architecture

3. What is Decoupled and Autonomous?

4. What do you understand by Cohesive of a MicroService?

5. What is Bounded Context?

6. What is Domain Driven Development? Or MicroService is DDD specific?

7. MicroServices are technology agnostic. Explain it.

8. What do you understand isolation and Autonomous for MicroService?

9. How will you monitor MicroService?

10. What is the role of Domain understanding in MicroService?

11. What are the key characteristics of MicroService?

12. What do you understand by Partitioning?

13. Explain Domain Partitioning?

14. What is resilience?

15. What things you need to keep in mind in MicroServices Architecture?

16. Shall we split our business logic and CRUD operations into separate micro services to make the crud services generic in nature ?

17. How to avoid maintenance overhead if we have to deploy independent environments for thousands of clients with the help of MicroServices?

18. Often there exists data that needs to be shared among MicroServices. How do we tackle this apart from replicating that entire dataset to each service?

19. How to take care of essential requirement changes in MicroServices?

20. How to upgrade a Service?

21. Differentiate Monoliths vs MicroServices.

22. How to ensure Authentication and Authorization in different MicroServices?

23. What are key Principles of MicroServices?

We have already explained key Characteristics of a MicroService Architecture in question number 2, please go through with that.
Additionally, MicroService design has IDEALS Principles similar to Object oriented design has SOLID principles.

  • I - Interface Segregation Principle
  • D - Deployability (is on you) Principle
  • E - Event-Driven Principle
  • A - Availability over Consistency Principle
  • L - Loose-Coupling Principle
  • S - Single Responsibility Principle
  • For more about it you can refer Microservice design Principles - IDEALS

Some General Interview Questions for Microservices

1. How much will you rate your self in Microservices?

When you attend an interview, Interviewer may ask you to rate your self in specific Technology like Microservices, So It's depend on your knowledge and work experience in Microservices.

2. What challenges did you face while working on Microservices?

This question may be specific to your technology and completely depends on your past work experience. So you need to just explain the challenges you faced related to Microservices in your Project.

3. What was your role in last Project related to Microservices?

It's based on your role and responsibilities assigned to you and what functionality you implemented using Microservices in your project. This question is generally asked in every interview.

4. How much experience do you have in Microservices?

Here you can tell about your overall work experience on Microservices.


We have covered some frequently asked Microservices Interview Questions and Answers to help you for your Interview. All these Essential Microservices Interview Questions are targeted for mid level of experienced Professionals and freshers.
While attending any Microservices Interview if you face any difficulty to answer any question please write to us at Our IT Expert team will find the best answer and will update on portal. In case if we find any new Microservices questions, we will update the same here.

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